Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Don't do it alone...

I think one of the biggest factors that has led to me reaching many of the goals I set and pushing towards my next set of goals, is that I didn't start this weight loss saga and healthy lifestyle change alone. I started with my mom. We sat down and planned out our goals, shared our weights and measurements with each other, and joined MFP together. Each day, she is someone I can confide in. If I'm having a day where all I want to do is eat and eat, I can talk to her about it. 10 times out of 10, it's not because I'm hungry, there is something else bothering me. I've been able to share in my victories and failures. It's nice not to hide anything and just have someone to be open up about. It has also created accountability. When working on the same goal with someone, you want to have success to share more than failure. You want to be a good influence on the other person. We have found healthy ways to eat the foods we love and talk about what we are eating each day. There have been times when one of us would have to say, "Now come on, you can eat better than that" and just as many times where we have said, "Great job, today!"
Days where getting to the gym and working out seems like the biggest obstacle in your life, that extra push from your weight loss buddy is what makes all of the difference.
I still have my mom in my corner and we are still working hard together. But I have recently joined a program offered at my gym (I've mentioned it in a few previous posts). One thing the programs requires is that I do a weekly check in. I go do a weigh in and have it put and saved into my file there. We talk about the good and the bad for the week and the things I'd like to see happen the following week. This weekly 15 minute meeting I have with this lady on Fridays holds great power over me. I don't want to disappoint her. I want to go in with good things to talk about and see good things happening to my body. She is an amazing cheerleader. Each week, when we see a change (however small) she will jump up and dance with me. At first, it was just her dancing, but now.. I enjoy to get jiggy with it with her. Because each victory (however small) does deserve a dance! For those weeks where the cravings are hitting me hard, I just think about Friday. Do I want to give in to those cravings and have it show up on Friday and have to tell her about it? No way. Nothing out there can taste as good as having my 5 minute dance with my buddy on Friday feels. This week, I'm sick. First time I've been sick in a long time and I'm probably being a bigger baby about it because of that. The kids finally decided to share those lovely germs that they've collected from the kids in school and daycare. I find that those times where I am sick, I tend to crave sugar more than usual. But I keep holding onto Friday and it keeps those sweets at bay. A few months from now, when we do a new fitness evaluation and measurements, I want to have GREAT changes to document. I want to be on her wall of fame!
I'm also working at training for a Triathlon. I have still done my workouts and training this week (besides being sick) because I don't want to let down my Triathlon buddy.
So, whatever your goal, find that buddy that is going to help you... and then go reach those goals!

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