Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hello, February!

February is looking to be a great month!  Why? 

1. I have a computer again. For the majority of January, I did not. The computer crashed and I was getting by using my phone or jumping on my mom's computer when we went over to visit. But now, here I am, sitting in my own house and typing on the computer. I can blog again!

2. We have a new puppy! He gets along great with our older dog, adores the children, and just melts our heart. His name is Rufus and he's AWESOME! ^ That's his happy face. ;)  He's only been around for just a short time but I'm completely in love with him!

3. I've been doing really well in the gym. I started the NROL4W (New Rules of Lifting for Women) and I really like it! In fact, I'm a little sore today from yesterday's workout. It's been a while since I've had such a fulfilling workout. 

4. I'm getting a bike this month. I've been saving up, shopping around, trying out bikes, and working hard to narrow it down to the one I want. I've gotten it down to two. I'm going to do a test drive this weekend and finally pick my bike up. That's one step closer to the triathlon that I'll be doing later this year (yes, that's still happening). 

I finally got things rolling with that program at my gym. I can even start working with a personal trainer for free, if I decide. But she does group workouts and I'm really enjoying myself with the NROL4W, so I may hold off on that. I go in every Friday for a weekly weigh in. Then in a few months, I go in for another evaluation to check progress. 
I had several tests and had a fitness evaluation to get an idea of how fit I am and where I need to work on. These are the results (sorry it's sideways, can't figure out how to make it rotate): 

I'm a little surprised in how low the Aerobic Fitness scored, I expected better there. I also did poorly in the flexibility. These are two things I've been working on a lot lately. But check out the Biceps Strength score! Very pleased with that. Also, my Body fat is really reducing, so while it's not great right now, it's way better than it was several months ago.  So this is my starting point for the year. I want to improve in each of these areas. It works with my goals for the year. Which I have finally sat down and thought about. 
I've been creating a Vision Board. When I'm finished, I'll share it with you guys.  
I'm starting to train for the Triathlon. I've been doing the running but now I'll be throwing in some swimming and biking. I will also be doing a Mud Run this summer! It's a 5K obstacle run and I'm very excited about it! My biggest goal this year is to get outdoors more. I'm going to be more active during the day (not just my gym time) and go out some more.  I've been doing my runs outside. I bundle up and go for the run. I come back feeling really refreshed and awake (winter will do that). 

Right now this is what my week looks like: 
Mon- Gym (NROL4W)
Tue- Running
Wed- Gym (NROL4W)
Thur- Running
Fri- Gym (NROL4W)
Sat- Running
Sun- Yoga and rest

I'll have to change up my schedule a bit to fit in biking and swimming here soon. 

Hope you are all doing well! I'm happy to be back. :)

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  1. So nice to see you blogging again! :) that test final result says "Fit" and that is awesome!!!