Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day and my Friday

I have seen a lot of people stressing over today. All the tempting chocolates and goodies to be devoured. Luckily, Valentine's Day has never been a big deal to me. My husband won't be bringing home any box of chocolates to tempt me with. I'm not Anti-Valentine's Day or anything. I love the colors (red and pink) everywhere I look and all of the cute things people do for each other. I love that there are flowers everywhere you go. I also have fun with the crafts ideas that the kids and I can do together. I just don't really take part in the celebration. Tonight, the husband and I are skipping the ball they have for his company and will enjoy our evening eating a healthy dinner (strawberry spinach salad with grilled chicken and blue cheese) and watching one of our favorite movies together after the kids go to bed. I'll squeeze a run in there somewhere.  We still have fun with today. We joke about each hug and kiss being a "Valentine's Kiss" and a "Valentine's Hug." It's just a relaxing and peaceful time for us. Now next month when St. Patty's Day comes around.. that's when you'll hear me whining about all the things I must have. Irish Cream Cupcakes being on the top of the must have list. I may just be trying out this Recipe for them.

For those of you who are battling with something today, just hang in there. It's okay to have a treat and enjoy yourself, as long as you do so with control. Because I have learned that over depriving yourself of the things you love, can only lead to big mess ups later on. I'm sure you all know the quote by Julia Child, "Everything in moderation... including moderation."  And eat a heart shaped Reese's cup for me. Tomorrow is my weigh in at the gym and I'm keeping things clean today. I want to blow her mind when I go in weighing less than last week even after Valentine's Day. :)

Today is my Friday! The whole family gets a four day weekend. That's 4 days of sleeping in past 5:00am and staying up later than 10! That's a weekend with some hockey games to watch and time to spend together. I will also be buying my bike this weekend. I'm so excited to get that baby and start riding around town with it. I've managed to get my run to an acceptable speed for the running part of the triathlon. I will now be focusing more on the biking (which will be a 20k ride). Then I will begin to focus on the swimming, because this will take me the most time. And then, I'll start adding them all together. Have I mentioned how excited I am about this thing? More excited about who I'm doing it with, my SIL. She's freakin' awesome and it will be so fun to have this awesome thing to do together. I do believe I have reached max on my allowed use of the word "awesome" for one blog post.

Also, I got a little impatient and took some measurements this week (even though I said I would wait until I finished phase 1 of NROL4W)... and I've lost some inches. Not a huge amount (.5 inch here, .25 there).. but I'm very happy about it. Glad I decided to give this workout a try. Hoping to have really good results to share with you all in 4 more weeks.

One more thing before I end this blog. I'm waiting on my big box of Vitatops to arrive. I finally ordered myself a box, with 4 different flavors. I'm excited to try them all out. I've had the double chocolate one and really enjoyed it. It'll be my daily treat that keeps the sugar monster at bay.

Happy Valentine's Day. :)

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